22 Jan
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To heat, or to pin?

I was really excited to find this idea on Pinterest AFTER I’d come up with the idea myself. What that told me is that Pinterest is actually “teaching” me something. It’s given me a whole new vision for everyday items. I really do look at things differently. Take these heat-resistant trivets, for example. I saw them during my last kid-free Ikea run (I get to indulge in such luxury once a year [that doubles for kid-free AND the Ikea visit] so I really have to make the most of my efforts there).

The original intention was to paint these in a contrasting color to our gray cabinets but I happened upon a little package of fabric scraps at Joanne’s and decided that this would look much more polished. (As it happens, the Pinterest posting I found after-the-fact used fabric, too.) Besides that, the fabric set was a perfect color combination of yellows and grays.

So I ironed and then I pulled and glued (hot gun) and reinforced with staples. Then I cut a patch of paper just to tidy the little thing up and stapled some more. Nails right through the heart of these little babies was enough to secure them to the wall. Then, I started pinning (for real!).



  • Love it. Just painted my kitchen shades of grey and yellow, so I have a particular fondness for this project. :)

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