27 Feb
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By nikki    2 Comments

Taking action: Part 1 of x…

I’ve made a vow to myself today. It goes something like this: “Stop pinning and get spinning.”

It’s not that I haven’t tackled a few things from my boards (if this is sounding Greek to you, you need to get with it). But lately, it’s been more “pinning” and less “doing”. And while we were on holiday this past week, I had the ultimate luxury… I was watching the baby nap while the big kids were out skiing so I had LOTS of time to ramp up on Pinterest.

When we arrived home, I realized I needed to set a goal to spend a series of days (or weeks) jumping into these famed projects. I’m going to (try to) pin less and act more. Even the smallest of projects will generate the pleasure of a miniature success (because God knows, when you measure a day’s success simply by numbering how many kids you were able to get dressed that morning, one extra accomplishment alters your being entirely).

I love this one. I had some leftover Ikea magazine files (originally white, painted bronze) that cost me all of $1.99 for five (yes, five) from my kids’ workbook storage effort (more on that later). Ironically, I also had some pent up frustration over the random stacking of boxes in the pantry (okay, so it’s a crummy old bookshelf in the garage, but hey, who rightfully defines “pantry” anyway?). Magazine files, meet frustration. Frustration, meet magazine files. Ah, yes, a happy marriage.


  • LOVE that you are taking action… even cooler that you’re creating from your pinterest boards!!!

  • TOTALLY snagged your idea of creating a “Done!” board. Makes me feel like an accomplished woman. Every little bit counts, baby.