13 Apr
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Oh the irony…

When organization actually slows your project down, you know it’s time for a shift.

I got this armoire off of craigslist for a whopping 80 bucks (and that included delivery right out to its resting place in my studio – okay, how awesome is that?). Anyway, I digress.

The storage of all this fabric (that I typically use for holiday and birthday gifts and projects and sometimes it’s just pilfered by my uber-creative daughter) was preventing me from wanting to do anything with it. I was corralling it one of the lower drawers of this unit, all folded and organized. But when I’d dive into a fabric project, out came a piece with hard creases or lots of wrinkles (depending on how much time I took to fold the pile after I undid it). Talk about killing your motivation. So well-organized and unbelievably inconvenient. How “iron”ic.

I want to use this stuff! Hmmm. Folding fabric defeats the purpose – no drawers, then. I need to keep it out of the sunlight to prevent odd and haphazard fading so forget about a wall-mounted system (think multi-level towel rack). It occurred to me that I wasn’t really using all the vertical space in the armoire, so I wanted a way to re-purpose the largest part of the cabinet.

That’s when it hit me: tension rods. I picked up a cheap rod and tightened it to fit the space. I draped the fabric pieces in a staggered fashion so that I could use one hanger to hold a number of patterns. I tried to categorize them just a bit (but that’s probably not really evident).

Now I can see EVERYTHING and when I dig into a project, I can pull off a clean, no-iron, ready-to-go fabric! (Yes, this project turning into an ironing marathon but I only had to do it once.)

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