14 Apr
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Dressing up the machine

Fast and easy. It doesn’t get any better than that. My sewing machine had been seeing more dust than thread but even if it were in constant use, it desperately needed a cover. During my fabric organizing project I dug up this old wrap-around skirt that I used to wear in my early career years. I kept it in hopes that the nice, soft fabric might come in handy for something some day. And then it did.

I just sewed the waistline all the way across, cut the length to size and hemmed the bottom. It was a perfect fit for my machine (I guess she and I could share clothing more often). The flap you see just hangs down (like any other wrap-around) and the fabric is nice and weighty so it lays ever-so-perfectly over the machine. It’s like a beautiful, new skirt for her.

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