28 Apr
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Bored to super-board!

I needed a pin board for the kitchen. As it turned out, I liked this idea better so I ran with it. Unfortunately, I was left with this bored board, its only saving grace that it was purchased for just $5.99 at IKEA. No big loss, I figured.

But if you know me, you know that I can’t stand to have idle stuff just laying around waiting to be chucked into the “donate” pile. Surely, I could find a use for this little utilitarian goodie if I could just dress it up a bit. I have to admit, I tried about three different colors/coats of spray paint. The problem was, the paint never really soaked evenly into the cork part and it ended up looking like a Kindergartener’s paint job (no offense to my incoming Kinder kid).

The final coloring attempt was a dark brown, which I really started to like (white was just way too stark). But coverage, as you might see, was still inadequate for my taste. It was then that it struck me… I had some leftover fabric from a cafe curtain I did some time ago (I should show you that sometime) in a brown shade that complemented the paint really beautifully. (No, I didn’t even have a four-leaf clover in my pocket that day!)

Creating an even effect and adhering that fabric was going to be the challenge but since the board was so cheap, I figured nothing could go too awry. I left the board and the fabric scrap laying around for quite a while, pondering the situation every time I passed it.

In short, I ended up measuring the width and length of the cork space and then separately pinning the edges of the fabric into that size/shape. That sat for another long while.

Today, I dug in during baby’s nap time (while big kids were out on the soccer field with dad). Yes, I would have to sew in order to create a very secure and finished look. I ironed over the pinned edges and introduced it to the machine. I stitched a simple, white seam and then went at it with the glue gun. Laying a line of hot glue, I pulled the fabric along each side of the board.

The glue adhered securely and the finished edge gives it a nice, clean look (I’m SO glad I took the time to think it through).

You will have to give me another few weeks to figure out where to hang this thing but it will probably end up in the studio once I get all of my wall decor going there. It will be a handy place to pin some of the notes and knick-knacks that litter the baskets in my creative space.

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