3 May
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Bejeweled with plastic

Remember when you used your brand-new, sharp colored pencils to fill in the cute little illustration on this funky plastic material… and then you put it in the oven and watched it do this miraculous dance and curl, reducing itself in size by 3/4 and magically flattening itself out again… only to watch it smile at you longingly from that baking pan awaiting an invitation to the party on your bracelet?

Oh yeah, that was just yesterday. And it was just as fun then as it was (never mind how many) years ago.

My daughter wanted to make a Shrinky-Dink bracelet for Grammie’s birthday but instead of opting for the pre-printed images, she actually decided to give it a go on her own, designing her own Shrinky patterns and pictures. You can actually buy a kit that contains all the jewelry parts and pieces along with six plain sheets of the brilliant plastic invention.

I made her draw on regular paper first so that she could do and re-do her images until she got them the way she liked them. Then we took the translucent sheets and she traced onto those. Grammie is a golfer, a traveler and a born & raised Cheesehead (the Packer helmet is the only one I helped her with). And, as expected, I did the tedious cutting (be careful, cutting the sheets is like cutting a fragile fingernail – they peel under your scissors very easily) and adult-recommended baking.

She was so proud of her work and I was so proud of the fact that she actually digs doing something that I used to infinitely enjoy at her age (some innumerable) years ago.

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