6 May
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Re”mark”able teachers

Tomorrow kicks off Teacher Appreciation week. We can’t wait. We’ve got a ton of stuff up our sleeves and plan to mark each day with a special little treat for my daughter’s teacher. And lots of baked goodies will come the way of my son’s preschool, too – we’ve just got SO many teachers to love over there! We’ll show you what comes out of the oven, of course – we did a test run last week and we’re lickin’ our chops again – you just wait…

My daughter and I sat in the studio and she painted up a beautiful little canvas, adorned it with buttons, beads and felt and added some magnets for a file cabinet dress-up.

In the meantime, I did a quick sew on some fun little bookmarks. Last time I was in the classroom, I noticed LOTS of Post-Its flagging her books. We dug up some buttons and embellishments (I ripped that little flower off of a greeting card and stashed it away some years ago), selected some bright ribbon and stitched away.

I’m not sure if she’ll want to use these around 21 first-graders but if they end up at home in her favorite novel, we’ll love that all the same.

1 Comment

  • Mrs Stapleton is going to love it….